my name is Dalila Barbieri,I love to draw and I especially love the manga, I also like to photograph.
I always try something new, design, photography and my other this blog there are only my work,only my creation.

Hatsune Miku
intossicazionementale asked: Pura ispirazione perché credo proprio che qualsiasi artista -fotografo, pittore, scultore o qualsiasi altra categoria- sarebbe ben lieto di averti come musa. Hai dei lineamenti davvero suggestivi e rari :)

ah ok,scusami prima non avevo capito,comunque grazie mille:)

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myvalueplacedinstincts asked: You are Perfect! Lovely. Beautiful and Perfect :3 x

thank you:)

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vegetacy asked: are you a model

not really,I worked like a model for some photographers but just for fun.

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intossicazionementale asked: Sei pura ispirazione.

ahahah,in che senso? :)

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loveciao asked: i see you have Italian name.. are you italian? i'm italian too

si sono italiana:)

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loveciao asked: you are a Princess, princess of the world! your beauty it's AMAZING!

thank you :)

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I missed my second blog :’( I’m thinking to do a new blog where I post my interest(like the blog I missed)

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Koujaku just barely won over Noiz in my inbox! Here is his character alarm to wake you up in the morning! (sorry it’s a bit late)

Good morning. Did you sleep well? You’re so troublesome when you’ve just woken up. I’ve always woken you up gently even though you won’t almost wake up at all. Ahahahaha.

Download here! (warning for autoplay)

You can see the rest of my alarms here!

Background song is At Last from Koujaku’s good Re:Connect route

(via 2spookynish)

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